Norwich, CT a good place to live?

Norwich, once a thriving industrial city known for its mills and factories, felt the impact of both large and small businesses leaving the city or closing altogether.

This has affected property prices, making Norwich one of the more affordable communities to own a home in Connecticut.

The average list price of a home according to is $260,000 in the Hartford area and $279,000 in the New Haven metropolitan area in Norwich, while the average list price is only $190,000 — pretty affordable.

Norwich is a working-class city with a diverse population. In Norwich, immigrants from Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and Asia live together in the city's neighborhoods. The Mohegans are the indigenous people of the region and make up about 1-3% of the population.

Likewise, Norwich's public schools teach students from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Norwich residents can enjoy many views without leaving the city, including a waterfall, a pond with a swimmable beach, a picturesque harbour and several parks with open space. There is a state park nearby and Norwich is the starting point for a scenic national road. 

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