What type of people live in Norwich, CT?

According to the 2020 Census, Norwich has 40,125 residents. In the 2010-2020 census, the number of people residing in the population decreased by 368 people. 

Caucasians represent just over 61 percent of Norwich's population, Latinos make up just over 14 percent of the population, and African-Americans make up 10 percent of the population.

A little more than 8 percent of the population is made up of Asians. More than 13 percent of Norwich's population are foreign nationals. The vast majority of Norwich's population, 77 percent, speak English as their mother tongue.

About 10.5 percent of the population are primary Spanish speakers. In total, Norwich residents speak more than 20 different languages. Seniors aged 65 and over represent about 17 per cent of Norwich's population. Almost 21 per cent of Norwich's population is made up of children aged 17 and under.  

Almost 89 percent of Norwich's adult population is a high school graduate. About 21 percent of Norwich's adult population holds a university degree. 

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